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This document outlines the club’s policy in key areas such as number of teams and players the club can support and the movement of players into the club and between teams within the club.


Optimal Panel Sizes


Age GroupSquad sizePitch
7125 aside
8125 aside
9125 aside
10107 aside
11107 aside
12139 aside
131811 aside
141811 aside
151811 aside
161811 aside
171811 aside
181811 aside



Playing Times

Mount Merrion Football Club’s primary aim is to provide opportunities for children and youths to participate in the game of football. The Club believes that providing sufficient game time to all players is therefore a key responsibility.


In this regard the club insists that all players in teams up to and including Under 12 should receive at least half a game every week and an equal amount of opportunities to play during the season.


Managers of teams over this age group should give every player a minimum of 20 minutes football in every game. Managers should also make every effort to give all players a reasonable number of full matches throughout the season.

The club views this Policy as essential to meeting our child welfare requirements and support the ethos of the Club.


Player Playing at the Most Suitable Level.

The Club believes that players enjoy their football most, and improve best, when they play at their own age (i.e. born 2001 only play with 2001) with players who are at a similar stage of football development.

This means that players will inevitably be moved to different teams at various times throughout their time with the Club


It is vital that managers actively support this policy. From the outset managers should also make parents aware of this policy, and the reasoning behind it, so that there are no surprises at the end of the season.

At the end of each season, and during the season, managers at each age level should come together to discuss the current development of players with a view to recommending suitable movement of players. While movements will generally take place at the end of the season, this may be done mid-season, provided there are no breaches in League regulations.


Where managers encounter difficulties in the operation of the player movement process they should contact the age co-ordinator in the first place for advice and recommendation. If managers are dissatisfied with the recommendation they can escalate to the Football Committee and if necessary they may then bring the matter to the Management Committee for final decision.  All queries should be sent to


Acquisition of new players through trials & loyalty to existing players

The club is interested in attracting new players and consequently will run trials on an annual basis. The purpose of attracting new players is to raise the standards of teams within the club and to ensure the club has sufficient players to field the optimum number of teams.

Unless we are faced with the collapse of a team through lack of players, the club will make every effort to provide football to all registered players at the end of a season.


Managers should note that, prior to making commitments to registering additional players, they should take cognisance of squad numbers. Where acquiring additional players will result in exceeding squad numbers outlined in this document, this must be notified to and approved by the Football Committee prior to players being signed.

If an age group wants to create an additional team it should be submitted to the age co-ordinator who in turn must get approval from the football Committee.



The Club require two people to run a team generally – one the manager and two, the coach.

The Details of these people are then put on the website and any queries or information will be sent to them.

Above is a requirement from a child welfare perspective.

These people need to be Gardaí vetted and have attended a Safeguarding 1 course.

It is also expected that the coaches at a minimum will do the KS1 Course.

It is also expected that one of the two managers will attend the managers meetings during the season.


Approved: Mount Merrion Executive Committee (Barry Saul, Adrian Lyons, Tom Hanrahan, Ciaran Doyle, Paul McDonnell, Emily Hourican, Paul Burke).


Version 1Date: 24th August 2014Author: Paul Burke
Version 2Date: 15th February 2018Author: Paul Burke