MMYFC – Missing child policy

MMYFC Missing Children Policy

This is the MMYFC Missing Child Policy for Mini World Cup. Key participants are Age Co-ordinators and Child Welfare co-ordinator.

  • Designate a number of Missing Child Volunteers. Explain their responsibilities and role. Provide high viz vest. Provide information on the Child Welfare Co-ordinator and give name and contact details. The volunteers will be Garda vetted (age co-ordinators)
  • Provide instructions to the DJ at the event of the missing child procedure to ensure cooperation in the event. This is specifically for Saturday and Sunday
  • If a child is reported missing, report to Child Welfare Co-Ordinator immediately to circulate to age co-ordinators. This is done as priority over other sporting needs. The communication will include available details on description.
  • The missing children volunteers (age co-ordinators) will take up positions at the exits, there are 8 in deerpark.
  • If the child’s location cannot be established and/or the parents/carers are not available and reasonable efforts have been made to contact them the matter should be reported to the Gardaí by Child Welfare Co-ordinator (Dundrum 01 6665600)
    • if the child cannot be found after a good search of the immediate surroundings, contact the child’s parents to advise them of the concern and reassure them that everything is being done to locate the child
  • It is recommended that Gardaí are contacted within 30 minutes if the child cannot be located
  • ensure that all other children continue to be supervised appropriately while a search for the child concerned is carried out
  • make a note of the circumstances in which the child has gone missing and where he/she was last seen and prepare a detailed physical description of the child, to include their hair and eye colour, approximate height and build and clothing he/she was wearing, as this will be required by the police
  • follow Gardaí guidance if further action is recommended and maintain close contact with the Gardaí
  • ensure that you inform all adults involved including the parents, searchers and Gardaí if at any stage the child is located. Use the DJ and mobiles to do this.

June 2018 1.1