FAI Club Mark

The FAI Club Mark constitutes a recognition bestowed upon football clubs based on the adoption of exemplary practices in the governance, management, and administration of the club. Starting at the Entry Level, clubs have the opportunity to progress to attain a 1-star rating. At each stage, clubs are tasked with the implementation of policies and procedures aligned with industry best practices.

Clubs that exhibit effective organisation, fortified structures, and dedicated volunteers are better positioned to foster football and cultivate player development. In the current landscape, it is imperative for every club to demonstrate comprehensive organisational prowess across all facets of club management. The FAI assumes a pivotal role in nurturing club development by pinpointing and endorsing best practices, offering essential guidance to empower clubs. Clubs serve as the bedrock of all football activities within the country, demanding a robust and secure foundation to perpetuate the success of the sport.

The objectives of the FAI Club Mark include:

  • Establishing the minimum operational criteria for football clubs
  • Furnishing clubs with a guide toward achieving good governance, management, and administration
  • Assisting clubs throughout their developmental journey
  • Acknowledging and rewarding clubs for attaining and sustaining high standards
  • Recognising clubs for their dedication and accomplishments
  • Enhancing a club’s ability to operate efficiently and promote football within communities across Ireland.


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